Dessert for Dinner: LaMar’s Donuts at Denver Fashion Weekend

DENVER (March 15, 2014) – If you’ve ever had a Ray’s original glazed donut fresh out of the fryer at LaMar’s Donuts, then you know that the slogan, “simply a better donut,” is not misleading.  And if you haven’t tried them yet, then you’ll get your chance on the 5th and 6th of April at Denver Fashion Weekend, where LaMar’s will be serving up hundreds of their delicious hand made donuts.

What makes the gourmet donut here special is that they are all individually handmade every single day. The bakers arrive at the shop at one  in the morning to begin the day’s work, hand cutting the  shamrock-shaped peppermint-iced bizmarks that are currently featured for St. Patrick’s Day. Seasonal and holiday-themed donuts are always in stock here, with the vibrant green donuts to be soon replaced with the Easter features.

The most popular donut at LaMar’s has always been and probably always will be Ray’s original glazed donut. Sinking your teeth into one is like biting in to a decadent ring of heaven. The light glaze crackles as you bite down into the lightly fried pillow of not-too-sweet dough, and it’s really all you could ever want out of a donut. As an added bonus, it clocks in at a surprising two hundred and twenty calories, making it a splurge that won’t completely throw your day off track.  As marketing manager Temi Osifodunrin says,” it’s all about balance,” and his week wouldn’t be complete without a box of donuts for church on Sundays. While the LaMar’s master chef  has been working on a gluten free donut, Osifodunrin told me that they’re not too interested in deviating from their traditional offerings. The original recipes have stood the test of time and continue to put smiles on customer’s faces every day.  Ray Lamar made his first donut in 1933, turning an old gas station in Kansas City into his first donut shop in 1960. Since then, the company has moved its home base to Greenwood Village, Colorado and has ten different locations to offer in our state.

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LaMar’s was also mentioned on Fox 31 ‘Everyday Show’ about DFW.



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