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Power of the LaMar’s brand

LaMar’s Donuts are “simply a better donut.” America agrees. Magazines like Better Homes and Gardens, Town and Country, The New Yorker and Gourmet magazine have coined LaMar’s the best donut ever made. The esteemed Zagat survey, which includes the finest restaurants in its worldwide listing, named LaMar’s Donuts the place “that perfected the art of the doughnut.”

Our high-quality products, friendly customer service and welcoming environment has built an extremely loyal customer base. We routinely get emails and phone calls from customers that have tried our donuts once and are a LaMar’s Lover for Life.

Indulge in the sweet success of a LaMar’s Donut franchise. If you are interested in becoming a franchise owner, contact us below.

Fun fact

Our recipes have remained unchanged since 1933.

Each LaMar’s location is a gourmet donut store, a coffee bar and a community gathering place. Daily customers start their morning routine with a delicious, handmade donut and fresh-roasted cup of coffee and enjoy meeting their friends in a relaxing environment or working in an “office” away from home. At the same time, our stores are set-up for quick service to accommodate the rushed customer who is hurrying for a morning appointment or meeting.

The market

The breakfast day continues to pay dividends for food service bakery chains. LaMar’s high-quality products combined with our generous portions and product variety gives us an edge above our competition.

The donut industry has shown steady growth; current retail, bakery donut shop sales are approximately $10 billion. LaMar’s Donuts superior product quality, service philosophies and store environment – operated under our core mission of Quality Service Environment (QSE) – when coupled with convenience and accessibility, has penetrated the market shares of major donut chains and local supermarkets. LaMar’s Donuts is dominant in the Kansas City and Denver markets and expansion to other markets has proved just as successful.

Franchise support

Proven operations system

We have perfected the art of making donuts and have a proven operations system. We take all the guess work out and give you step-by-step instructions on every aspect of the business including management and accounting procedures, hiring and personnel policies, daily operations procedures, such as opening and closing the store, and how to make our one-of-a-kind donuts.

As a LaMar’s Donuts franchise owner, you reap the benefits of increased buying power, sell a high-quality product, enjoy a strong brand name and have successful marketing tools at your fingertips.

Dedicated staff support

Our support doesn’t stop at operations; we offer advertising and marketing guidance as a continuing part of the LaMar’s franchise program. We have a vast library of advertising and marketing tools including ads, point-of-purchase material, online presence, press releases, radio spots and loyalty cards to get your franchise in front of your community. 

So if you love donuts, people and the thought of owning your own business – take advantage of our proven operational system along with the wisdom of our experienced staff!

“My favorite part of being a LaMar’s franchisee is that it affords me the opportunity to be a true entrepreneur and work for myself. I take great pride in owning my own business, and because the LaMar’s brand is so strong, it makes it easy to be successful. It’s simple really: the product is extraordinary, people love donuts, and I get to see it firsthand and everyday.”

Larry Laux of Lincoln, Nebraska

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