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Food restrictions or allergies?

If you have allergies to soy, peanuts, eggs, wheat or dairy products, please note that cross-contamination of these products can and will occur in our baking facilities, and you should not eat any of our products.



Calories from Fat

Total Fat

Saturated Fat





Yeast Raised Donuts
Ray's Original Glazed220 90 10g 2.5g 0mg 260mg 31g 13g
Ray's Chocolate Glazed290 100 11g 3g 0mg 260mg 44g 25g


Bavarian Cream 620 190 22g 5g 0mg 570mg 101g 61g
Blueberry Filled520 180 20g 5g 0mg 550mg 81g 37g
Cherry Filled550 170 19g 5g 0mg 560mg 88g 45g
Lemon Filled530 190 21g 5g 0mg 640mg 80g 40g

Lamar's Bars

Chocolate Iced (Unfilled)540 200 22g 6g 0mg 440mg 81g 49g
Chocolate Iced (Bavarian Cream Filled)600200 22g 6g 0mg 490mg 96g 61g
Chocolate Iced (Chocolate Fluff Filled) 800320 35g 9g 0mg 440mg 118g 84g
Chocolate Iced (White Fluff Filled)810 320 35g 9g 0mg 460mg 120g 85g
Caramel Iced (Unfilled)430 170 18g 4.5g 0mg 430mg 59g 29g

Cake Donuts

Apple Spiced340 150 17g 4.5g 0mg 250mg 44g 31g
Blueberry 350 150 17g 4g 0mg 280mg 47g 33g
Chocolate Iced330 160 18g 4.5g 0mg 320mg 37g 21g
Old Fashioned Sour Cream420 160 18g 4.5g 15mg 380mg 60g 40g
White Iced320 160 17g 4.5g 0mg 320mg 38g 23g

Specialty Donuts

Cinnamon Roll690 220 25g 6g 0mg 1020mg 106g 30g
Cinnamon Roll (Raisin Nut)850 240 27g 6g 0mg 1020mg 137g 62g
Cinnamon Twist770 240 26g 7g 0mg 1190mg 120g 32g
German Chocolate Knot480 240 27g 9g 0mg 580mg 54g 15g