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Jay Leno with Ray making LaMar's Donuts on the tonight show | News

Discover why LaMar’s Donuts has become the talk of the town and the delight of donut enthusiasts nationwide. From high-profile television appearances to glowing reviews in esteemed publications, our donut empire has garnered an impressive array of accolades.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Here are just a few of our critical mentions.

  • NBC’s “The Tonight Show:” Host Jay Leno crowns LaMar’s Donuts founder Raymond Lamar as the undisputed “King of Donuts.”
  • New Yorker Magazine: Noted writer Calvin Trillin pens a heartfelt ode to the heavenly indulgence of LaMar’s powdered sugar donut.
  • Gourmet Magazine: Nationwide poll declares LaMar’s Donuts as the runaway winner, cementing our place as the country’s favorite donut.
  • Hallmark Cards: A special greeting card in the shape of a donut is designed by Hallmark in honor of Ray Lamar.
  • Food Network: LaMar’s Donuts takes the spotlight in the network’s popular prime-time series called “Unwrapped.”
  • California’s Orange County Register: LaMar’s Donuts earns the prestigious title of “America’s Favorite Breakfast” in the acclaimed “Best of the Best” series.
  • Zagat Survey: Renowned for its discerning taste, Zagat hails LaMar’s Donuts as “extraordinary; fit for kings.”

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